ViVo Magazine’s unique identity is marked by the fact that it looks and feels like a national lifestyle title but is published specifically for communities of typically between 2,000 and 5,000 people.

The Market

Local media providers, such as newspapers and regional radio stations have seen a steady decline in advertising revenues over recent years. The onset of the web and news on demand has resulted in a change in the way people access local news and advertising spend has decreased accordingly.

However, consumer desire to enjoy a real, tangible, attractive media product is not dwindling. Consumers simply want a different media product to the one providing them with news and information they have already read online.

Local newspapers and magazines are struggling to adjust but ViVo Magazine is the different media product consumers are waiting for.

ViVo Magazine fills a gap in an evolving and highly lucrative market. By producing a magazine which boasts the quality hallmarks of a national publication but caters very specifically for a highly defined, local audience, ViVo Magazine sits in the sector of regional press which is widely acknowledged as being set for the highest growth in print media over the next 25 years – ultra local publishing.

Did you know, local newspapers claimed £600m in advertising revenues from the recruitment sector alone in 2005?

ViVo Magazine is not a newspaper. It is not a magazine off-shoot of a newspaper. It is an independently published, high quality publication which knows its audience better than any other form of regional media. Because of this, its readers devour every page with interest, respond favourably to its content and share an all together more personal relationship with the ViVo brand.

In one fell swoop, ViVo Magazine has placed its foot firmly in the future of the highly profitable and exhilarating world of regional publishing. We would like you to join us.

The Opportunity

Due to the ultra local nature of ViVo Magazine we rely on each edition being published, edited and managed by people who live in the very areas in which ViVo is distributed.

Each ultra local edition of ViVo Magazine benefits from:

  • Our creative skills
  • Our highly efficient production system
  • Our editorial support
  • Our commercial experience in the field of lifestyle publishing
  • Your knowledge of and passion for the place where you liv
  • Your drive and determination to establish ViVo Magazine in your exclusive area
  • Your enthusiasm for becoming a real magazine publisher
  • Your passion for running a truly local business with a very national, prestigious style

The Principles

ViVo Magazine circulation areas must fall under our carefully planned criteria.

They must..

  • Have a population no smaller than 600 and no greater than 7,500 people
  • Qualify as being affluent locations

ViVo Magazine licensees/franchise owners must have:

* Excellent communication skills

  • Good organisational skills
  • A real passion to run an exciting, fast paced publishing enterprise The Package
  • Full training and support
  • Exclusive circulation area(s) for YOUR ViVo Magazine local edition
  • Access to highly efficient production system
  • Full business set up support (legal/accountancy/financial)Online product development training and sales support
  • The ViVo Life: Our exclusive ViVo Magazine publisher’s manual/handbook
  • Comprehensive stationery pack including legal/sales agreements, business cards and other documents
  • Access to ViVo Media Content Shop (hand pick your own pre-written editorial) inc exclusive celebrity interviews and columns
  • Your own ViVo Magazine website, email addresses and online business inc social networking website
  • Operational control of your own ViVo Premier Club
  • Anscillary publishing opportunities including specialist directories and guides

Investment Costs

There are four distinct ViVo Magazine territory/circulation bands which go toward determining the franchise fee. To determine what band a particular franchise area falls into we compare a number of facts against what we regard as an ’model’ ViVo community.

The benchmarking process will reveal if a particular postcode area is suitable for a ViVo Magazine franchise and if so, whether the area is a level 1,2,3 or 4 circulation territory.

ViVo circulation areas will:

  1. Be genuinely affluent with a high % of homeowners with disposable income and higher than average house prices
  2. Have between 750 and 7,500 homes. The ideal number would be 2,500 homes with a population of 5,000 residents
  3. Be in a community which may already have a local newsletter to which ViVo Magazine would be a complimentary publication, not a replacement

We assess each proposed ViVo circulation area against our unique suitability measurement and the franchise fee is determined by the ‘quality’ of the circulation territory and the likely earning potential within the area.

You can have your own ultra-luxury, hyper-local (super profitable) edition of ViVo Magazine up and running for as little as £7,500.


ViVo Magazine is designed to return a profit margin of more than 65% per year. In some cases this can be as high as 80% depending on how much time a franchisee chooses to invest.

Franchisees should expect to generate revenues exceeding £100k per year by year 2.

To find out if a particular postcode area / community qualifies as a ViVo circulation territory, please submit an enquiry using the form below.

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If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a magazine publisher, living the life of a media mogul, setting up events, dealing with key advertisers, planning editorial ideas based around local, national and international issues, networking in your local community as well as trading with local business and major national brands – ViVo Magazine offers all this and more.