10 Hottest Holiday Trends for 2010

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From “pound-stretcher” holidays to girly getaways for “football widows”, 2010 is set to be a year dominated by recession-busting travel deals, big sporting events and “micro” bursts of luxury as Brits seek a quick antidote to frugal living.

There’ll be no getting away from the continuing economic downturn, but key travel trends are emerging for the year ahead, according to a new report from Teletext Holidays.

“Pound-stretcher” holidays for budget conscious travellers will be big to places such as Tunisia which is being put on the map in 2010 as travel firms increase the range of holidays outside the Euro zone.

The 10 hot holiday trends for 2010 according to Teletext Holidays are:

1. Pound-stretcher holidays: Holiday resorts are being more creative with their pricing so keep an eye out for deals with “resort credits” and “sun dollars.

2. All-inclusive: All-inclusive searches were up 40 per cent this year according to Teletext Holidays and their popularity is set to grow in 2010.

3. Cruising: In 2010 Cruising will be huge – literally – with new superliners such as the Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas (which can host around 5,500 passengers each).

4. Connected holidays: Viewing photos in real time rather than sending postcards and tweeting pictures of your hotel live to office colleagues.

5. Sporting widow: The period during a World Cup is a great time to take a break as there are plenty of bargains around because most of the world stays home to watch the action from their living room.

6. Micro-luxury: 2010 will see an increase in “micro luxury” – little treats for one or two nights as an antidote to frugal living. 7. Sun and tum: Both women and men want to come home from holiday with a tan, but in 2010 people will want that healthy glow to be accompanied by a fitter physique too.

8. Child-free holidays: With budgets tighter than ever right now, 2010 will see an increase in parents heading off to enjoy child-free short breaks.

9. Status breaks: It’s all about the Facebook status update! Yes people are happy to lie on a sunlounger but they also want to be able to brag about their holiday.

10. More last minute: In 2010 people will remember that life isn’t a standing order that has to be the same month in month out.

More details about the 2010 holiday trends are online here:

Mark Bloxham, head of marketing, Teletext Holidays, said: “The travel industry has had to adapt quickly to the changing economic climate. But far from taking fewer holidays in 2010, it’s clear that travel is high priority for singles, couples and families.”

Source: Teletext Holidays

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