Outstanding Brand Award For Luxury Real Estate Firm

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When Bridgehampton-based real estate brokerage startup Saunders & Associates hired leading global strategic branding consultancy Siegel+Gale a year ago, the goal was to create a brand for the highest level, concierge real estate experience in this internationally known luxury real estate market. The result is “A Higher Form of Realty,” the brand promise that drives every Saunders & Associates branding touchpoint — advertising, online experiences, and new business initiatives.

Now, Saunders & Associates has received the Phoenix Award for “Most Outstanding Brand of 2009″ from Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, the global network of the world’s top 1,500 luxury real estate brokerages.

“Our firm was designed from a blank canvas to provide a higher form of real estate service for customers, clients, and especially the brokers,” says Gary Nolan, Saunders & Associates Director of Brand Fulfillment. “With Siegel+Gale, every internal system and possible brand experience was considered to bring that vision to reality.”

The Website, www.SaundersAssociates.com, is a cinematic, user-friendly, internationally promoted, luxury-minded destination for individuals and other real estate brokers who may be interested in buying or renting Hamptons properties. Brokers are supported with elegantly produced brand-amplifying selling tools — traditional stationery, property signs and maps, as well as a vivid brand brochure and postcard-sized sales and rental booklet published several times a year.

“The key for Saunders was empowering brokers in every way possible,” says Alan Siegel, Founder and CEO of Siegel+Gale. “The real estate sector, particularly in the Hamptons, has been consolidated and corporatized, and brokers have been marginalized as the corporate parents try to cut costs. Saunders & Associates is now a model for best practices in the entire industry.”


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