Posh Postcode Publishing, ultra local publishing, hyper local publishing they’re all terms used to describe a fast emerging area of the media sector whereby publishers are seeking to drill down the targeting of their titles.

ViVo Magazine was one of the first titles in the world to embrace hyper-local publishing for affluent communities.

Before publishers were referring to high quality, free titles as ‘freemium’, ViVo Magazine coined the term ‘Posh Postcode Publishing’ (PPP) as it best describes the business concept behind ViVo.

ViVo’s ambition is to provide media products which reflect the quality and standards of national publications but cater, very directly to readers within ultra local circulation areas.

Our definition of ultra local drills beneath county level, beneath town level and even beneath district level. Our circulation areas are within postcode areas. We produce titles for consumption within villages and wards which typically number no less than 800 homes and no more than 7,500.

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